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Why Building Brain for FM Companies?

Building Brain is a perfect partner for facilities management service providers. Our platform perfectly complements the existing services you are providing to clients, and allows you to take your proposition many stages further, whether this is advanced workspace management, energy saving or more.

Most importantly, we help you delight your customers. Our platform is a pleasure to use and helps clients get so much more value and efficiency from their built environment.

How we Work with
FM Partners

We work with FM partners in a number of ways. Fundamentally, we can be very flexible to ensure our proposition fits with your objectives and works with the way you tend to position yourselves with clients.

Ultimately, our goal is to have you deliver a better service to your clients, whilst ensuring they want for nothing from you, in terms of flexibility and functionality, over the longest of terms.

Please contact us to discuss how we can build a successful partnership together. This includes referrals from us to you, or you to us.

Lead Generation

Prospective BuildBrain clients become YOUR Clients.


The first step in becoming a Building Brain customer is a site visit, appraisal and report that lets customers know what they need to do - and what facilities upgrades they need to make - to plug their office into our growing smart city network.


Building Brain works with FM partners who want this systems upgrade business.


Please contact us to find out how we can work together to drive new business.



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Currently UK and US only




If your clients are interested in saving energy, Building Brain is for you (and them!). We give granular insights into consumption, and also supply the tools to do something about that.



BuildBrain provides a mechanism for the easy reporting of faults or problems directly to the stakeholder, in the most efficient way possible. Reporting users can be notified automatically when a fix is implemented.



The Building Brain app gives you full workspace management insight. See who is using the space you are responsible for, when and where. Our reporting includes time-lapse and heat maps.



My having true insight into traffic flows throughout a building, services can be optimised and deployed only where needed. This can drive significant cost savings, over and above energy use reductions.



Our platform is fully extensible, including an app platform that allows third parties to add enhanced functionality. The platform is future proof, and open to deliver any requirements the future holds.



Offering Building Brain as part of your solutions set will ensure your clients are absolutely delighted with the service they receive. Not only does BB save them a significant amount of money; it is a joy to use!

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