Building Brain’s Mapping package

Elena Jumrukovska – 15 May 2017

The second package out of  4 available packages is the Mapping one. This package is available at only 25 dollars per location per month. This package gives you various options like Space heatmaps, Data and reporting, Space Marketplace and Profile Management.

Space heatmaps

Building Brain management software with its heat mapping feature can help you have better understanding on how people move around the office, and where they spend time. It allows you to have insights which particular space of the office is being used in which particular time of the day. Through the Building Brain platform you can observe how things are working and how people are using the space and do things to pave the cowpaths.

Data & reporting

With data and reporting you get information about everything that is happening in the office, from room bookings, use of the space, membership upgrades, even which of the amenities or devices are most used in your space. Also you can get alerts if there are some problems and complaints with some of the amenities and fix them in reasonable time. Using this data you can make your space far more efficient, invest in new technologies or even expand.

Space marketplace

Building Brain platform is the perfect solution to  market your space. You can personalize your public profile by putting photos of your office, and information useful for the potential users. You can see who was already checked in, in your office and get feedback by those users about their experience. Also Building Brain will give you information about how many people checked out your profile, and how many actually made a booking. Using this information you can build strategy that will grant you additional income.

Profile management

Profile management allows you to manage your personal information, billing and subscription plan and offices included in the platform.

With Building Brain at your disposal, you will have all the tools you need to build one vibrant and active community. We are offering you the top coworking software on the market as a total business management solution.


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