Millennials drive Boom in Co-working Spaces

Elena Jumrukovska – 05 May 2017

Millennials, as a generation, have been very busy redefining what the office looks like.
More and more millennials are opting out of conventional offices in favor of a
workplace that is collaborative, flexible, and energized, so the cowork spaces offer a
perfect solution.

What does the term millennials mean? Millennials are the generation who are born
from ‘80 to ‘95. So what makes millennials different than the other employees or job
seekers? Millennials want to make a difference from their very first day on the job,
they are not afraid of shorter tenures of employment and quitting a job that is not a
fit for them. They usually don’t have only one job. They have a full-time job, maybe
a part-time job, a freelance career.

“We’re risk-takers, we believe in the power of failure, and in the
learnings that come from those failures”

More than any other generation, millennials naturally challenge the status quo at work.
They are comfortable sharing their opinions on what is not working or what could be
better. Millennials expect promotions faster than other generations because of their
high expectations, lack of understanding of how long other generations worked before
being promoted, and desire for tangible career progress.

There are a number of reasons why the Millennial generation have replaced the
traditional work offices for cowork spaces. To start, the rise of the internet and internet-
based jobs has opened us up to a world of possibilities — possibilities that no generation
before us had access to.

If you’ve ever spent any time working from home you know that it doesn’t take long for
the allure of wearing your pajamas all day to wear off. Having no line between your work
life and your personal life can be difficult, and constantly trying to separate the two can
put a strain on your personal life. And on the other hand millennials are communal, they
are open to communication more than any other generation in the workforce.

Co-working spaces are work haven for young entrepreneurs

Coworking gives you the same freedom that working from home does, while also
providing a small amount of structure. Coworking is the easiest networking opportunity
there is. You are sharing a space with like-minded people, and collaborating with them
can mean sharing skills, contacts, and ideas. Coworking tends to lead to even more
prospects, which means more work, and of course, more profit. And let us never
underestimate the power of free coffee.

Millennials are attracted towards workplaces that boost their learning experience and
innovation. Most startups around the world are owned by millennials whose
entrepreneurial skills are solution driven to create a solution out of a problem.

Millennials, regardless of what they do and where they work, are looking for every way to
create memorable daily work experience. As a generation, we‘re measuring our happiness
not in the possessions we own, but in living the thrill of the experiences we participate in
and the memories created. There’s nothing wrong with having a game console at work, a
gymnasium and a relaxation spot. These form the user experience millennials want to be
part of.



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