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Elena Jumrukovska – 02 May 2017

The first Package out of four available packages is the Individual one. This package is for every freelancer, entrepreneur, designer, marketer etc. It is totally free.

This package gives you various options like Timeline, Room & desk booking, Book Nearby Desk Space, Check Ins, Enhanced data & reporting and Find a colleague.

The Timeline

The Timeline allows you to see how your day was spent, and with who. Who were you in a meeting room with; how much time did you spend out of the office and how many meters did you walk within the office.

The Timeline allows you to develop a more efficient work schedule, and we all know how much it’s important to maintain such a routine. Your work day will be way more enjoyable.

Building Brain directory

Building Brain directory has lot of valuable information to offer that can help you choose the right space for you. It will show you not only which spaces are present in the city, but also what amenities they provide, what other coworkers think of the space and how well they would be suited for different types of professionals. It can save you precious time looking for a suitable office space.

Room & Desk booking

Building Brain App offers a dynamic and sleek experience for members to book spaces. Our coworking software can sync to your phone or tablet so you can use it whenever it works for you. It allows you to book a desk, room and meeting rooms within specific price range. It can also help you find and book the nearest available desk space.

Check ins

With Building Brain app there is no need for waiting at the reception desk for check in, you can do it directly on the app. You can track the time you enter and leave the coworking space. You can have insight on how much time you  have spent in that particular coworking space.

Find a colleague

Another feature that is also available is the possibility to find a colleague. The app will show you exactly where your colleague is in the building, whether he is in the kitchen or in a meeting room, and also who is with them.

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