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Elena Jumrukovska – 06 Apr 2017

Most of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley started either in a garage or a shared office.

For start-ups, the first months can be really tough and often are executed from the couch, basement or garage. Spending money on expensive offices can be the death of the business. The rents generally aren’t very cheap but there are so many options you can use. Coworking spaces are just what you need. It may cost more than stealing WiFi or few coffees at a coffee shop but it’s way more affordable than a long-term office lease. Coworking spaces are designed to be flexible and accommodate growth. Have five employees one month and 10 the next? No problem, you can easily switch to a bigger office or couple of desks down the hall.

Building Brain platform offers you directory of coworking spaces at a price that is fit for any budget. It will make easier for you to find a coworking place for a reasonable price and within short amount of time, but keep it in mind that where you go is important. Your location can affect your company’s productivity, creativity and community. Once you’ve taken care of the location  you can focus on developing your business.

Benefits of working in a coworking space for new startups

New start-ups don’t have culture and community yet, so they can go into a coworking space and instantly become part of a community and make connections with other like minded workers. Coworking spaces are one diverse ecosystem of people, companies and industries. For every tech startup, there can be real estate agent or an advertising company.

As a owner of a startup business, you should be asking “What else do I get with that?”. Coworking can give you better chances with potential investors, and it can help you get better understanding in your finance and accounting. Coworking places are very familiar with the needs of start-ups and most of them offer services that you didn’t know you need.

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