Building Brain brings smart offices to your doorstep

Elena Jumrukovska – 04 Apr 2017

Right now we are in the middle of a digital and tech revolution, which means new ways of working and new requirements on workspaces. Building Brain’s software platform can give
you the insights, expertise and solutions required to meet the new standards and new needs.

Smart offices are designed for flexibility

An office is not truly smart until all its parts, from technology to services, fully supports
each individual that works there. Building Brain can help you secure the right indoor air
quality, lighting, noise levels, smart locks etc. This way you will increase the health and
wellbeing of your members , you will help them, get more out of every day at work by
saving time and further improve their work life.

Optimizing the use of the workspace brings large savings potential. Through the Building
Brain platform you can easily get data which desks or rooms are being occupied, which
percentage of the time and how often. And not just for the desks or rooms, also you can
get data which of the amenities or devices are most used in your space. Using this data
you can make your space far more efficient, invest in new technologies or even expand.
Indirect, your profitability also benefits from increased attraction, productivity and

Smart devices have very important role in creating the best possible conditions for employees

Many believe this is exclusive for multi-national organisations, but actually small
businesses can boost their offerings significantly by making a number of small changes
and incorporating smart devices into their everyday routine.

At the end, you have no way of controlling people’s opinion of your coworking space other
than by delivering the best possible package, including your office and the work environment.
This involves everything from office location, layout, design, furniture, technology and the
services provided. With Building Brain at your disposal, you will have all the tools you need
to build one vibrant and active community.

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