How to improve communications within your coworking space using Building Brain

Elena Jumrukovska – 29 Mar 2017

Communication can be difficult, especially in an open coworking space. So think of your coworking space as a communication tool, not just an office.

The role of the coworking manager is not just to manage a group of members, but to be
a connector, to listen, to know who needs what, and to help members help each other to
solve problems.  The role is to help the community to help itself to flourish.

Effective communication can bring lots of opportunities

Engage with your members. Have an insight on how people talk to one another and who
talks with whom. Building Brain coworking management software with its heat mapping
feature can help you have better understanding on how people move around the office,
and where they spend time. All this will create communication flow between you and
your members, and between coworkers. Actually some of the best decisions and insights
come from hallway and cafeteria discussions.

A lot of places have a calendar of events, but are people actually attending? Is it the same
people over and over? How active is that community? Maybe you should try creating events
that will offer something for everyone. Of course you can not force everyone to participate
in your events. You can change your approach and create online community for your
coworking members. This allows your members, even the “lone wolves” and the less
interested ones to connect with others on their own time. You can use platform like
Building Brain that allows both members and coworking managers to interact with one
another whenever and wherever.

Building Brain’s timeline view with its features was specifically designed for easier coworking management experience. The timeline view will allow you to have better control of your coworking space.

Allow your members to feel free to ask you quick questions and answer them as soon as
possible. Or if it’s about some question that requires some investigating, they can leave
you a message using our Building Brain platform summarizing their question. This way,
it won’t slip your mind to reach out with a solution.

The key to a thriving coworking community is  flexibility and effective communication.

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