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Elena Jumrukovska – 27 Mar 2017

With growing number of coworking spaces all over the world, coworking directories have become one of the most important tool you can use.

As a coworking space owner,  listing your space in a coworking directory will help you get
more exposure and attract different types of freelancers and  entrepreneurs. You can see
how many people checked your place and what they think of your place.

Coworking directories have become a necessity for both coworking spaces as well as freelancers

On the other hand, if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, small business, or startup,
coworking directories have a lot of valuable information to offer that can help you choose
the right space for you. Here’s where Building Brain directory comes in.

Building Brain directory offers you more than 2000 coworking spaces around United
Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and many more.
Building Brain directory will
show you not only which spaces are present in the city, but also what amenities they
provide, what other coworkers think of the space and how well they would be suited for
different types of professionals.
It allows you to book a desk, room and meeting rooms
for as long as you want. Also you can choose the range of the price you are willing to pay.

We designed our coworking software so that everyone can learn to use it. Building Brain
App offers a dynamic and sleek experience for members to book spaces. Our coworking
software can sync to your phone or tablet so you can use it whenever it works for you.

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