Co-working spaces, cafes and Building Brain

Elena Jumrukovska – 23 Mar 2017

Your home should be your haven, and your local coffee shop should be a place to
your caffeine buzz – and not try to work effectively.

Within our laptops, tablets, and phones we now carry our work wherever we go. With
all those devices, there are already more than enough distractions to potentially lower
our productivity. The workplace shouldn’t be one of them.

Why pay for an overpriced coffee just to be around people? Why looking constantly
for free cord position and speaking in hushed tones?

Co-working spaces can give you numerous options

Building Brain can help you find co-working space that can provide tables and power
around you in a more relaxed setting so that you can be productive if you choose to
not have a traditional work surface like a desk. You can even have an option  to sit or
to stand.

Nothing beats natural light, but sometimes we can’t have the luxury of having it in
abundance. Building Brain is not just a platform for booking co-working spaces it also
can help you set the lamps with the proper light for you. Lamps can be fun and
functional in the office spaces. Some lights can be even programmed in a variety of
ways. How about having the lights change color if the team meets their sales target?

Do you want music? What level of noise works for you or for the people using your
office? Why don’t you use Building Brain app without taking a step from your desk.

Your time is precious as an entrepreneur – so saving time where you can is essential.
Luckily, the value of coworking is in the relationships, far more than the resources.
Coworking can introduce you to people who have the answers that you may be
looking for.

You can save time by learning about new resources, apps, best practices and more
from the people that you cowork with. Since you’re all facing similar challenges,
chances are someone in the group has found some type of solution – and a lot of
times that solution can be found in your own backyard.

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