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Top 8 ways to find the Perfect Co-working Space

Elena Jumrukovska – 11 Apr 2017

Sometimes the whole coworking process can be an intimidating world to understand. There are numerous of questions you need to ask yourself before starting to work in a coworking space.

What are the different options? How do you choose between spaces? What factors should
you be considering to make your decision? After consulting with our clients, we summarized
a few questions for finding the best coworking spot.

  1. Why do you want to work in a coworking space?

What is your motivation and what do you expect to get from a coworking space to do your
best work. Because there are many different coworking spaces, each one of them offering
something different to its members.

  1. Does the space suits your needs and preferences around sound

Can you work in the middle of a busy coworking space or prefer to have your workspace
quiet? Will the space offer you some space where you can take you phone calls or do your
meetings in more quieter surroundings. If you know you’ll need lots of quiet time, that might
affect which kind of coworking space you chose.

  1. Is there a good vibe between the co-workers

This depends on whether you like to work in a space full with collaborative people who can
boost your productivity, or a place with quiet individuals who are doing their job and not
participating in other activities.  Every space has its own culture, but not everyone can fit in,
so find a space where you can be yourself and feel comfortable. Your fellow members are
far more valuable than fast wi-fi, a desk and good coffee. Make sure the space has a focus
on community, and that the community is a good fit for you.

  1. How is the membership plan

Is it flexible? Most of the coworking spaces have different membership options like hot
desks, dedicated desks, private offices, meeting rooms etc.

    Most coworking spaces host events

  1. Take a look at the event schedule

Most coworking spaces have events, including Meetups, skill shares, lunch and learns,
presentations, and networking events. Regular events are a good sign that it has a strong
community. Finding a coworking space that hosts the kinds of events that interest you can
be of great value to you. Some co-working facilities allow members to pitch ideas for new
events or presentations.

  1. Take a free trial

Tour around the place so you can feel its vibe right on the spot. There are so many coworking
spaces that you don’t have to commit to only one and see what place works the best for you.
You can meet current members who can give you their honest opinions and perspectives.
After all the best coworking communities are the ones who are diverse, active, supportive,
open and welcoming.

  1. Amenities

Make sure the space offers the things you’ll need for your daily routine. Like kitchen with
good coffee and tea, printer, scanner, and whiteboard, projector, plenty of seats in the
meeting rooms and most important, comfortable chair at your desk. If you drive, do they
have parking? Are there places nearby that you’d want to eat? Spots to grab a drink with a
new friend at the end of the work day?

    Collaboration is easier in co-working communities

  1. Design

Another factor you should consider is the design of the place. Is the coworking space
trendy or is it like a traditional office? After all, you should feel comfortable since you will be
spending a lot of your time here. Is it built for collaboration, is it offering options like private
rooms or spaces to take calls, rooms to record podcasts or host webinars, places to work
on group projects, social spaces for connecting with other members,quiet zones or enough
space to allow your company to expand.


Ready to find the best coworking space for you? Building Brain helps people connect with
coworking spaces that suit their style and needs. You can have answers on all of these
questions using Building Brain. You can find places you didn’t even know existed. Read
reviews and referrals for good coworking spaces that already provide that first-class
experience for remote workers.

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